Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mommy Blogging

I have quite the attempted blogger history. I have started and stopped with a blog more times than I can count. I always start with good intentions of posting fun and cute stories and pictures of my children and of Adam. But then the fun-ness wears off and real life happens and after a few posts, blogging starts to feel like just another thing on my to do list and so naturally I stop altogether. I haven’t however been able to shake the feeling that I need to write and to record my family, our stories, our day to day normal and not so normal. Sometimes as a mother the days seem to all mesh together. I do a lot of the same day in and day out. But there is so much life happening in our home every day. There are so many sweet moments that I want to remember longer, relish and re-live over and over again, especially on the hard mommy days. So here I go again, starting to write on a mommy blog. This time, my motivation being to remind myself that my divine purpose in this life is to be a mom to my littles, and a wife to Adam and to savor a little more the moments that make our life together so sweet.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Brigman Crew is in fact alive and well!!

Well I feel a little silly writing a post after over a year has gone by! I know all of you faithful followers had given up on me. Thanks for the motivating/hater comments. :) I decided that I in fact do need blogging in my life. Not because I love to blog, but because I dislike scrap-booking even more, and my kids pictures and stories need to be documented. So here's to falling off the horse and getting back on!

Have you seen my kids lately? They are perhaps the cutest, smartest and funniest little people I know. And they just came that way..I promise.. it's nothing I can take credit for. I love them more than life itself. Here is the update on them.

Noah is 5 years old! As I signed into my blog account and looked around, I found a draft for a post I was working on in June of 2010...it was all about him turning four. Oh my, the shame. Since I never posted it, lets just move on to how cool Noah is now that he is five, shall we?

Noah turned five in June and it has been so great to see this little boy grow up. I have really noticed a big difference in him in the past few months. He coming out of the little boy phase and becoming more independent, brave, less needy and so helpful to me around the house and with his sister Mia. Noah is so social and is such a good friend. He has made some really great friends from our ward and is so great to be a friend who shares with others and is truly concerned about others and their feelings. It warms my heart. Noah is the best big brother on the planet. He loves Mia so much and thanks Heavenly Father every night in his prayers that "Mia chose me to be her big brother, because I am the best brother."

Noah went on a vacation with the Dastrup family and was so sad that Mia couldn't come along. I told him that maybe he could try and pack her in his suitcase. :)He in fact did try to pack her and Mia was a very willing participant until he started zipping up the suitcase with her inside it. Despite their age difference, these two have so much fun together. Mia can wrestle with the best of them and has virtually no love for "girly" toys. Its all cars, army guys, Indiana Jones, Star Wars and superheros around here. But she seems perfectly content to play along with Noah, and Noah will play with anyone willing, no matter their age or intellectual capabilities. :) I decided to keep Noah in preschool for one more year and he LOVES his sweet teacher and classmates. He also started soccer last month and is so fun to watch. He runs hard and has a good time. He is a good sport and is enjoying playing soccer with his friends. Oh how I love Noah. He keeps us all smiling and laughing around here.

Mia will be seventeen months old this month! Mia was such a good baby! She rarely cried and was a good sleeper and eater. I was certain that this good-natured baby was going to be a sweet, calm and quiet little girl. Oh how things have changed :) Mia is the life of the party. She has no problem keeping up with her brother. She began walking at eleven months, or maybe I should say running! This girl has some wheels. At about thirteen months she started wanting to get out of the stroller on our walks and would instead run along side me while I walked. I can confidently say that Mia can run/jog/walk a full two miles. We are pretty sure she is going to be a cross country/track star. Which makes me super excited! She loves books, doggies, riding in the trailer while her dad pulls her on his bike, wrestling, dancing, music, her best brother Noah and mac 'n cheese. I love this little girl so much. She has brought so much joy to our home. And oh how I am enjoying dressing a little girl!! :)

And our final update...Baby number three is due March 11, 2012. I am eighteen weeks along and we find out what we are having next Friday! Adam is certain it is another girl. We will see! Noah says he will be happy with another brother or a sister but if its a boy he wants to call him Indiana or Dr. Jones for short.:) Anywho, we are all so excited about it. I am especially excited to be over the first trimester and have my energy back and to be enjoying food again! Life is so good and we are blessed.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Time Warp

What is going on? I feel like I have been in a time warp! It has seriously been long enough since my last post that I considered giving up on the whole blog business. I just don't make it a priority...plain and simple. I am sure I have time for it. I have time for lots of things that I want to do. I just choose not to do it. My mother has been severely disappointed in my lack of posts and reminds me nearly every time a see her or talk to her..which is usually at least once, sometimes two times a day. Especially since our darling little girl Mia Melinda was born over two months ago and I have yet to post a single picture of her! So here goes with the post I should have done a while ago.

Mia Melinda was born on May 19th. We went into the hospital early that morning and I was induced. It was a whole different experience for me that Noah's birth, which was just crazy hard and fast! Kind of like Noah actually..ha! Adam and I watched a few movies on his computer and hung out until my labor really kicked in. I got an epidural early this time and was very excited about that, but much to my dismay it only made my left leg numb! Um could I get that numbness in my torso area please. Anywho--they had to re-do it and it finally worked about 15 minutes before our little Mia was born. Mia was 6 pounds 7 ounces and 18 3/4 inches and had lots of dark hair.

I love little Mia so much I can hardly stand it. She has the most darling hair and the sweetest smile. Growing up I thought my mom was amazing but also a little crazy for having seven children. But then I had Noah and Mia and although being pregnant is not my most pleasant or pretty of circumstances, I now totally get why she had seven children. Because there is nothing better in the entire world than being a mom. Adam is honestly the most amazing dad on the planet and has been so sweet and helpful with our new addition. And Noah has been the sweetest and proudest big brother, which has been so fun for us to watch. I am just convinced that my two kids were good friends before this life and will be great friends forever. Life is good and I feel so blessed. Here is our new little angel.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mia's photo shoot

So I went back to the 3D imaging center, with Adam this time, to see if we could get a good look at our sweet baby girl's face. Can you believe these pics! How cute is Mia?! What a little angel. She was sucking on her hand during the ultrasound so the technician pushed on my belly to push her hand out of her mouth. She gave us a big frown about that. Pretty amazing! When we got in the car afterward, Adam said, "I am ready for her to come out right now." I totally agree. We seriously can't wait to meet her. 2 months to go!!!

Sunday, February 28, 2010


I am in the homestretch. I am officially in the third trimester. I can still paint my own toe nails, I can walk fast with a belly band on (soon it will be more like a waddle), food is no longer the enemy and life is good. My favorite thing to wear right now is stretch pants, not sure how cute I look in them, but they are soo comfy! Here is a belly picture! You will notice that my face is not included.
When I was thinking of getting braces months ago, my mom suggested that I get them on at the same time I was pregnant so I could “get all the ugly over with all at once.” I thought this was a great idea so thus the braces were put on in October just after I discovered I was pregnant. I have seen a few pictures of myself with braces on and I can’t help but feel like “the ugly” is a quite a bit more intense than I was expecting! Why do high school kids look so cute with braces on? It’s not happening for me. So here is a straight belly pic of me...brace face is not included :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Noah is such a funny child. I need to be better at recording all the silly things he says. We had a family home evening lesson on prayer recently. We try to keep things simple for him and speak to him on his level in these lessons. He is usually trying to stand on his head throughout the lesson, so we have to keep it engaging and to the point. During this lesson we talked about how to start and end a prayer, what to pray for, what we do with our hands, eyes, body during a prayer etc. We also told him that anytime he is afraid or sad he can say a prayer in his head and Heavenly Father will hear it. He has used this against me a few times at bedtime when he wants to just “say it in my head mom…really quietly,” instead of out loud. So since this lesson Noah wants to say prayers of protection, so Heavenly Father will “keep me safe from bad guys” and most recently he has been praying for things he wants. He came to me the other day with a picture of a pirate nutcracker from a book we have. He has an obsession with pirates and nutcrackers…so this was the perfect combo. He pointed to it and said, “mama I am going to pray and ask Jesus to get this pirate nutcracker for me.” He then folded his arms, bowed his head and said a short but sweet prayer asking that a pirate nutcracker be delivered to him. What a kid. I think we need the “what to pray for” part of the lesson again. Love this child!!!
p.s. don't you love this picture. Thanks Allyson!


I somehow managed to make it to February without posting a single picture from Christmas! Oh well, better late than never right. We had a fabulous Christmas in Salt Lake with Adam's family. Christmas with Noah was so much fun this year, making treats for friends, reading Christmas books, watching all the Christmas classics etc was just so much for both of us. Here are a few of my fav pics.