Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Mommy Blogging

I have quite the attempted blogger history. I have started and stopped with a blog more times than I can count. I always start with good intentions of posting fun and cute stories and pictures of my children and of Adam. But then the fun-ness wears off and real life happens and after a few posts, blogging starts to feel like just another thing on my to do list and so naturally I stop altogether. I haven’t however been able to shake the feeling that I need to write and to record my family, our stories, our day to day normal and not so normal. Sometimes as a mother the days seem to all mesh together. I do a lot of the same day in and day out. But there is so much life happening in our home every day. There are so many sweet moments that I want to remember longer, relish and re-live over and over again, especially on the hard mommy days. So here I go again, starting to write on a mommy blog. This time, my motivation being to remind myself that my divine purpose in this life is to be a mom to my littles, and a wife to Adam and to savor a little more the moments that make our life together so sweet.

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